PMP in a Snap

Tailor based on Context

March 28, 2023 Kaye B Episode 26
PMP in a Snap
Tailor based on Context
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Projects are unique so you must tailor them to have a positive project outcome as you understand more about it. Tailor based context address this.  All lessons are based on the PMBOK®, 7th Edition.  


CAPMP, PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. 

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I’m your host, Kaye B and what the hell is tailor based on context? 


Let me tell you, it’s the same thing as progressive elaboration. Because projects are unique, they are continuously and constantly modified, improved and details are added as more information is known about the project. 

Think about it, you learn more about a project as it goes on. When you start, you have goals and a plan, but there is always new drama or information to deal with as your project progresses, and you’ll always have to make decisions to keep it on track. While you do your best to plan for everything, understanding that you will keep learning about your project as you go will keep you sane. And not feeling guilty that you did anticipate every little thing. 

Based on what you are learning about your project, tailoring is the deliberate adjustment of approach, governance and processes to make them more suitable for the given environment and the work at hand. Project teams tailor the appropriate framework that will enable the flexibility to consistently produce positive outcomes within the context of the life cycle of the project. Tailoring aims to maximize value, manage constraints, and improve performance by using “just enough” processes, methods, templates, and artifacts to achieve the desired outcome of the project. 

Think about some projects your worked on where you had to pivot and adjust mid way to make it work. That my friend is that you tailoring your project based on context. Look at you!


That is your PMP in 60 seconds. Next week doing a bit of digging of a tailored project approach.